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Job in energy

European Agency for Energy security can help you with your job search. Nowadays, many talented people are struggling to find a suitable job according their expertize. On the other hand, possible employers have often problem to find enthusiastic and talented employees with required experience and education. Being an EAFES member could be very beneficial getting know the right people in the area of energy and energy security. All EAFES members have numerous opportunities to meet and contact people from different energy fields worldwide. Including industry, academia, consultancy and policy making. If you are interested in EAFES membership, you can register here.


We can provide you links of some employers in energy, which you might be interested in :

•Oxford Catalysts

•RES Group

•GO Science



•Cuadrilla Resources

•Chevron Energy Solutions

•GDF Suez






ENC 2012 Career Event

European Nuclear Society (largest society for professionals active in nuclear science and industry) is organizing in the framework of ENC 2012 in collaboration with ENS-YG, Nuclear Institute and WiN Europe the Career Event. It will take place on 9 and 10 December 2012 at Manchester Town Hall, Manchester UK. The objective of this recruitment event is to bring leading companies active in the nuclear sector into contact with talented young professionals. The event is intended for the students (Master or PhD), who consider their career in nuclear field and would like to learn more about the job opportunities meeting face to face HR representative of the biggest nuclear companies.

The frist step to get closer to the participation in ENC 2012 Career Event is to upload a CV and fill in required documents, which shall all to be found on:


More information about the event could be also found in the latest ENS-NEWS Nr 36: