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Summer school of sustainable energy 2013, Vienna

The summer school was this year cancelled !  The summer school will be organized again in 2014.


Events history

Summer school of sustainable energy 2012

The EAFES Sustainable Energy Summer School was a great success! Thanks to all our delegates, speakers and facilitators for making it a fantastic event! Delegates can now visit our online resource centre here to download presentations from the event. Click here to view the gallery to see how it went.

Workshop: "Where is the energetic future of Central and Eastern Europe?"

Venue: Hotel Tartuf, Pustý Chotár 495, 95175 Beladice, Slovak Republic

Date: 16-17 December 2011

The workshop was organized by the European Agency for Energy Security (EAFES) and the Centre for European Studies (CES). The aim of the workshop was to identify and analyze current energy dilemmas from different perspectives. Invited speakers were natural scientists, social scientists and diplomats.