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energy bulletin - winter 2012

Executive Director’s Welcome - December 2012

Welcome to our energy bulletin – edition three. Over the past quarter, we’ve been really busy and are planning for our green automotive conference, coming up in March 2013.

We’ve re-launched our membership scheme introducing new and improved member benefits and the launch of our online blog area has been a great way to increase dialogue on the subject of Energy Security in Europe. Our members now have direct access to contribute to the EAFES blog.

In the meantime, the current EAFES initiative is the on-going student competition. It’s open to all students and there’s plenty of time to get your entry in as the closing date is in mid-January 2013. We’re keen to promote the ideas of the energy sector’s future leaders so we’d love to hear from you.

We’re pleased to be promoting the The World Future Energy Summit (WFES), dedicated to advancing future energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies. The event takes place in Abu Dhabi from 15 to 17 January 2013. You can learn more about the world future energy summit at:

If there’s something you’d like us to cover, give us a shout at Until next time, best wishes for a sustainable winter!

Dr Michal Chudy

T'is the season to be sustainable: Did you know?

Each year, nearly 7.7 billion kWh of fossil-fuel energy is used to power Christmas tree lights all over the world. That equates to enough electricity to power the city of London for three whole years!

Your chance to win 400 Euros or a place on the 2013 EAFES summer school

Don’t miss your chance to take part in our student competition today! To enter, simply produce a paper on ‘the justification of mega-projects in the EU energy mix’ in around 1500 words. The

first prize is 400 Euros towards an energy-related research project, the second prize is a partial scholarship for EAFES 2013 Vienna Summer School and the third prize is a selection of scientific books recommended by EAFES. All prizes also include complimentary membership of the EAFES framework for one year. The competition is now open for entries and the closing date is 15 January 2013 to coincide with the opening of the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) taking place in Abu Dhabi. Finished papers should be emailed to Get writing and good luck!

EU conclusion on renewables announced this winter

The European Commission recently outlined its strategy for integrating renewable energy into the single market in order to enable Europe's renewable energy production to continue to grow to beyond 2030. As part of its commitment to renewable energy, the EU will continue to address power generation investment incentives in the market, prepare guidance on best practices and develop greater consistency across Member States and promote and guide the increased use of the cooperation mechanisms. In addition, improvements to the regulatory framework for energy cooperation in the Mediterranean and an integrated regional market in the Maghreb would facilitate investments in the region and would also enable Europe to import additional renewable electricity.

For more information, visit

Got something to share? 

Visit our blogspot and tell us what you think! Our EAFES blogspot is now live. You can find lots of contributions from our members and delegates of our 2012 summer school. To join the debate, visit , follow us on Twitter @EAFES or like us on Facebook. The latest contributions go live this week…

Become part of the EAFES framework today!

See how you could benefit from EAFES membership by visiting the new membership application and information pack available on our website at in the framework section. The new scheme offers exclusive access to our online member area where our members can interact, share information and participate in our blog area. Membership also provides members with the EAFES energy bulletin (full version) direct to their mailbox four times per year. We currently publish our energy bulletin summary on our website but membership allows access to the full extended version. In addition, all of our members receive a pre-publicity notification for all EAFES events ensuring that they have the opportunity to register for any of our events, summer schools and workshops before they are publicised. All of our members who joined the EAFES framework six months before booking on an EAFES event also receive a 15% discount on all EAFES events. Access to online energy networks provided by EAFES and selected media partners is also part of the scheme. You can find out more at or direct your enquiries to


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