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Dr. Michal Chudy

Michal Chudy is an Executive Director of the European Agency for Energy Security.  Michal holds a PhD degree in technical physics, Msc in nuclear physics and an additional Bc. degree from social sciences (European Studies and International Relations). His studies were made at  Comenius University in Bratislava, Vienna University of Technology and University of Cambridge. His scientific interest is focused on superconductivity, material science, radiation damage, nuclear energy, alternative energy sources, smart grids, e-mobility and energy system models. He was working as a researcher at Vienna University of Technology and University of Cambridge on projects dealing with superconducting solutions for fusion and wind power plants. Michal received life membership of the Clare Hall College in Cambridge. He was involved in shorter research work with JINR Dubna  and CERN - ALICE. At the University of Pretoria he was holding a position of senior researcher dealing with energy system modelling. Currently, he works at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and his research is focused on smart systems and virtual power plants.



tel:  (SK)  +421 904 443253

        (RSA) +27 78 1548211

        (UK) +44 7565587908




List of publications

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